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Realize the full positive potential of cannabis

All Treefrog products are created using minimal energy inputs with compostable and recyclable materials given top priority. Waste is food, rain and de-humidification water is captured and stored on-site then used as the farm’s primary irrigation source.

Worm castings and compost combine with locally sourced nutrients and low-till cultivation techniques to make a minerally balanced and biologically thriving soil. Plant positive IPM programs are a must and we rely on predatory pests, fungus and nematodes for the pest management blueprint.


Create a leading, socially and
environmentally regenerative business.

Our favorite growing environment is the greenhouse. The light assist, light deprivation greenhouse produces the highest quality flowers available on the market while also using less energy. There is something magical about the sun and plants love it. Full spectrum photobiology plays an important part in the plants development and consistently produces the highest quality flower.

Sun grown
Treefrog farms also grows premium sun-grown flower. The long Oregon summer days grow big plants and create dense, potent flowers known for their vibrant dark colors, rich smell and intense flavors. It’s hard to beat Treefrog sun grown flowers! Available for a limited time only!