Bruce Banner

Strain Details

STRAIN TYPE – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

GENETICS – OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel (sofresh cut)

BREEDER – Delta 9 Labs


PHYLOS GALAXY – Clone Group: Bruce Banner


Appearance – Frosty, dense, light green
Aroma – Fruity, berry, citrus, creamy, earth(y)
Taste – Mild, fruity, smooth, citrus, oak
Effect – Intense, spacey, decreased appetite, euphoric, happy

Description – Bruce Banner is known for its hard-hitting head high. With total cannabinoids testing over 30%, this strain is sure to grab your attention. The fruity, citrus taste combines with a light woody flavor to create an aroma reminiscent of an early morning walk through your local fruit orchard. The intensity of Bruce Banner is not for the faint of heart, but don’t let the high THC score scare you—it’s great for creative activities, or that one toke before a happy evening with your special someone.

Test Results

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